Friday, January 27, 2012

Working my way (weigh) back

I have been away for so long!  Lost the 40 pounds I wanted to lose, went to Vegas, gained a bunch back, never got back on plan, and ended up gaining back the whole 40 pounds.  Our businesses went through a bunch of changes, as both stores' managers quit.  One had to leave due to domestic issues and one was lured away with promises that have never materialized for her.  I know those are excuses but I know emotionally, it took a toll on my plans.

By the time October rolled around, things in the shops had smoothed out but we went into busy season and I did my normal eating to get ready for winter hibernation.  My DH says I do it every year.

Well, now it is January, I am going to Vegas again and I am coming up with multiple future goals.  Again, my DH informed me that he sees me set an interim goal (the last two times it was 40 pounds) and then, when I reach that goal I quit or give up. 

So, after reading several new diet books, I am once again convinced that my plan of 54321 works for me (with a few tweaks), and just as important, works for my husband.  I have set 5 interim goals.  I have set 5 large rewards for meeting those goals and now it is time to put the plan in motion.  I have even given myself permission to gain weight on trips.  I think that may have been another factor in my giving up.

So, here I go, the Tortoise is back.....


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