Monday, June 13, 2011

Not A Recipe But A Recommendation

One of my favorite lunches is a "grilled" ham and cheddar (or turkey and swiss, or turkey pepperoni and mozzarella)) sandwich with a touch of mustard on it.  I have found if you get really good cheese, ones with lots and lots of flavor, you really don't need much to get that cheesy goodness.

So, when I am craving a grilled sandwich, here is what I do:
2 slices whole grain bread
5-6 slices of deli ham (I use Oscar Mayer Delifresh Ham at 45 calories for 6 slices)
1/2 ounce of shredded cheddar (get a good sharp aged cheddar)
Mustard (to taste)

Using a toaster oven, lightly toast both slices of bread.  Spread a little mustard on one side of each piece of bread.  Put the ham on one of the slices and sprinkle the cheese on the other slice (each one now looks like an open faced sandwich).  Toast each slice again (flat in the toaster oven) until the cheese is melted and the ham is warm through.  Put the sandwich together and enjoy.

This all comes to about 260 calories.  I will throw in some vegies and Ranch dressing for the perfect lunch. 

Some cheese options:
For Cheddar, try Dubliner from Ireland (available in most grocery stores)
For Swiss, try Gruyere
For spicy, try Yancey's Fancy Buffalo Wing Cheddar (just a little melted on chips is yummy!)

I do not like using reduced fat cheese unless I am baking and need the cheese more for texture than for flavor.  Again, using these stronger cheeses results in using, and needing, less cheese, even for a cheese-aholic like me.

I hope you enjoy this recommendation from The Tortoise's Weigh!

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  1. I have a similar lunch to this at least a couple days a week! I pop my bread in the toaster and then put the cheese on it immediately after it's done. Lazy, much? :)

    A friend recommended Dubliner cheese to me years ago, and I have yet to find it in this area. She swears it is The Cheese.