Friday, June 3, 2011

Hectic Life

Life has been a little (very) hectic for me and I have been somewhat off plan.  Days seem to be flying by without me even realizing it.  Even my DH, who has tried to support me as much as he can, hasn't wanted to stay the course this week.  He brought home this very dangerous jalapeno yogurt dip from Costco and a bag of chips to go with it.  On Tuesday, he wanted to go out to lunch and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I did the best I could but the chips got me again.  Afterwards, he said, "It was nice to have a filling meal".  Unfortunately, he expressed my sentiments exactly. 
Throughout time, I have had a problem when people start noticing that I am losing weight and they start asking questions.  I don't know if it is that I start feeling more pressure to do well or what.  Any ideas?  There is one lady, who works in a shop across the hall from my shop, and now, everytime she sees me says "So, how much now?".  It just gets to me and I don't know why. 
I have been doing my plan for a little over 4 months now.  I have dropped 31 pounds.  Am I putting too much pressure on myself, is the 100 pound goal starting to feel overwhelming?  Am I making it into some sort of race with the calendar? 
There is just a few more weeks before I go to Vegas.  I was talking to one person, who is also trying to drop some weight, and she was telling me that the last time she went to Vegas, she was following some diet and she lived on salads the whole time she was there.  Everyone else was eating all this good food and she felt very left out and skipped some outings because of the temptations.  She did lose 3 pounds on her vacation but what a sad memory of what was supposed to be a fun vacation trip.  I will not do that to myself and maybe I am worried about letting go too much. 
I guess I have been feeling in a rut a little bit with my eating, same breakfast, similar lunches, and no time to make exciting dinners.  So, later today, I am going to sit down, and come up with a plan to get back on my plan through shaking things up a bit.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Wishing you a great weekend from The Tortoise's Weigh!

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  1. I was (am) a little comfortable with discussing my ongoing weight loss with co-workers. One in particular took to calling me "Slim" whenever she saw me. It was embarrassing. I wanted to shout, "Can we all stop looking at and discussing my body now?!" Sheesh. :)

    When I went to LV, I didn't get to go to a single buffet! Not that I didn't get plenty of calories at other restaurants. LOL I just kept repeating, "What goes on in Vegas, *stays* in Vegas!" Worked like a charm. I think you can make it work, too!