Friday, June 10, 2011

A Weighty Week

This week has been really fun in terms of social activity but a bit of a weighty week in terms of eating.  Wednesday night was our annual Chamber of Commerce BBQ.  The meal was the normal hamburgers and bratwursts, hosted by the Chamber, but then everything else was potluck.  There were salads, chips, cheese, crackers, bread with dipping oils and desserts, oh the desserts.  Okay, so much for Wednesday night, if you catch my drift.
Thursday night, was our quarterly gourmet dinner club get together.  We are one of the four couples that participate in this.  One couple brings appetizers, one couple brings salad, one couple does the entree, and one couple, dessert.   We rotate through the menu categories and whoever has the entree hosts the event at their house, and yes, it is an event.  We had dessert this quarter.  Here was the menu last night:
Appetizers: parmesan crusted grilled portabello mushrooms and crabcakes
Salad: Hawaiian salad with lobster, green papaya, cucumbers, orange and red peppers on a bed of lettuce with a refreshing dressing
Main Course: Tomato stuffed with spiced orzo, 3 types of manicotti, and asparagus stuffed calzones
Dessert:  A layered dark chocolate, espresso panna cotta topped with sweetened whipped cream, fresh raspberries, and a chocolate cookie
Needless to say, I was stuffed!
And for today, it was the DH's birthday.  We went to Red Robin.  I did eat only half my meal but the rest of the week has caught up with me and I just feel bloated and too full!
Back to normal tomorrow.  I wish I could always remember how I feel at this moment and bring it back to the fore front of my thoughts when I am tempted to overeat next time.  It would stop me in my track!
We'll see what the scale says tomorrow.  Until then, from The Tortoise's Weigh.


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