Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to Business and WID

I have returned from the mini-vacation we took to Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. I love that area and recommend visiting to anyone (especially if you like wine as it is a HUGE wine area). My eating did not go as well as I hoped they would. Tickets for the day/time we wanted to go to the ale fest were sold out resulting in a complete change of plans.

Friday went fine and then starting Saturday morning, it went downhill. For lunch on Friday, we ate at Cantalope Annies in Oliver BC. Wonderful, healthy lunch and had a great time catching up with the owner whom we had met on our previous trip 5 years earlier. Friday evening, we walked 6 blocks to dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant (Theos), had the perfect meal of Avgolemono soup, Tzatziki sauce with pita, and Chicken Souvlaki with roasted vegetables. We split the soup and the pita and I ate half my dinner, skipping the rice. We walked the 6 blocks back to the car, went to the casino for awhile and then called it a night. All in all a pretty good food choice and fun day!

Saturday morning, my DH went to get real coffee and to find something for breakfast. He does not like to eat breakfast, usually because of a big meal the night before as was the case here. He wanted to bring me breakfast (sweet of him, don't you think?) and ended up getting me a chocolate crossant (oh oh, this is a sign of things to come). The tickets for the ale fest were at noon, cutting the day in half. We went and the food choices were what you would expect at a beer festival, chicken wings, pizza, sandwiches with fried chicken, stir-fried noodles, etc. I tried to eat small amounts and did okay but was quite hungry (and a little irritable) when we left around 4. We didn't go to dinner until around 6 and ended up choosing this incredible Italian restaurant (Villa Rosa). The service and the food were outstanding! When we got there, we were told that the next available seat wasn't for 2 hours but luckily they had a cancellation and were able to seat us. I was overly hungry, we ordered an appetizer and a full salad (which we split) and I ended up eating my full meal (although I did order the smaller portion) and had dessert. Oh, I forgot to tell you, it was my birthday meal as well as my splurge meal.

The next day, we ate breakfast/lunch (it was a little late for me) at a fast food restaurant, didn't do too bad in choosing but then had pizza for dinner.

The good news, I got right back on track today because after all, I am not doing a "diet", just watching my calories and portions. I classified the weekend as a splurge weekend (which I won't do again until my trip to Vegas in a few months). ALSO, I weighed in this morning and still managed to lose 1 pound this week. I was quite surprised especially because of the pizza (loaded with salt). That brings me to 20 pounds down after 11 weeks.

What I learned from this past weekend:
1) Need to try and plan a little more for the unexpected
2) Make sure DH knows some better breakfast choices (he did cut up a lot of vegetables for the trip but since we were crossing the border there is no way they would have let us take them into Canada)
3) Make sure tickets/reservations, etc. are taken care of as early as possible
4) It would have been great to stop at a grocery store and get some snack/food things to keep in the hotel refrigerator
5) I am going to skip my splurge meal in May and save it for another splurge weekend in Vegas in late June.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for The Tortoise's Weigh!

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  1. Oh, I think you did *very* well. Vacations are for splurging and doing something *different*. The trick is to get back to "normal" when you come home--which you DID!