Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those Ads

You are sitting there watching your favorite show and an ad comes on for a new miracle diet pill/book/exercise tool/drink/food/or other such gimmick. Do you find yourself getting pulled in?

Do you start to think, "hmmm, maybe that would work"? I do, I always get sucked in, zoning out everything else except for the ad, the voice, the product, the promises. Luckily, I have put myself on a tight budget so I never "hurry, pick up the phone and call to order now".

The thing that bothers me the MOST about those ads is the people who say, I lost 40 pounds and went from a size 20 to a size 4 (or 6 or even 8). Can that really be true? I keep thinking something must be wrong with me. I have lost almost 25 pounds and am just now dropping one size. I am 5'10" tall so that may make some difference but really, come on. I guess the advertisers think that those of us overweight will want the miracle so much that we are willing to believe anything and take that "one more chance" to end our overweightness (new word for me but it is in urban dictionary - not very nicely I might add).

Thanks for letting me rant at The Tortoise's Weigh!


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