Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That One Food!

I don't know if everyone has one or if it is just me.

In my plan, I am allowed to have anything I want, in moderation, and it has to fit in with my daily quotas. There is that one food item, that one thing that I cannot have in the house, the one thing that if I eat it I can't stop, that one thing where if I have it once, I will want it again and again, the one food item where I won't get full if I consume an inordinate amount.

What is it? Fritos, especially the honey bbq twists. They cause some sort of drug addiction/frenzy in me. If a large bag is in my house, it will be quickly consumed. I may feel sick the next day but I will still want more. So, the answer is that I just cannot have Fritos at all. Even the new kind I saw in the store yesterday, the Tapatio Fritos. I think I stood and looked at them for over 5 minutes (seemed like an hour) going back and forth on if (IF) I could stick to no more than an ounce. The answer was a resounding "NO". I also spent a LOT of time looking at the hot dogs. Why? I have no clue. I finally realized that if I was obsessing so much over how to incorporate one large hot dog, I was better off not having any! I just walked away and did not look back.

There are a few other foods that I have to be careful of, Smart Food White Cheddar popcorn, Nathan's hot dogs, BBQ potato chips, and thick cheesy pizza. They all point to a high salt addiction. Even writing about these foods is triggering something, making me want them, making me salivate. What is it?

So, is it just me at The Tortoise's Weigh or do most people have "That One Food"? And if so, what is yours?


  1. I see your Frito and raise you a Cheetoh. :) Fortunately, my grocery store has some teensy bags near the check-out line, and when I just can't stand the deprivation any more, I grab one of those. That seems to last me about six months. LOL

  2. Oh, Fritos would be a trigger for me too. Probably the chili-cheese ones. We aren't lucky enough to have the spirals around here.

    My current food that has been griefing me is jelly beans though. I had the debate with myself this last weekend about those and decided not to even bring them in the house.

    Good job on walking away!!!

  3. POPCORN. I have a mad obsession with popcorn. The more salty and buttery the better. Even when I *know* when to stop... I find it very, very difficult to. Mmmm.

    Also I love your food plan!