Saturday, April 30, 2011

WID - Weigh in Day

The week ended up better than I thought it was going to be. I gained a pound and I am okay with that. So, in total, 24 pounds in 14 weeks, still ahead of my plan to lose 1.5 pounds a week.

I still haven't figured out why I have been so hungry. Maybe it's because I am a little tired, which has been self-induced. I got a Kindle for my birthday. I think I love it. I really enjoy reading and am having a little trouble getting over not holding a book, not turning the pages, not finding something to use as a bookmark, etc. Here's the thing though, when I have a good book, I have trouble putting it down. I will read it all night. I have read 4 books in the last 6 days. At midnight last night I had to have a talk with myself about having to be at work by 9 this morning. Even after shutting down my Kindle, I think about the book and will take at least an hour to fall asleep. Maybe that's why I like reading other people's blogs. When I read, I cry for people (or animals), I cheer for people (or animals), I feel part of other peoples lives. I get totally immersed.
Does anyone else do this?

Well, it is almost bedtime at The Tortoise's Weigh (yep, I figured I better initiate a bedtime so maybe the hunger symptoms will stop). Have a great day tomorrow!


  1. I'm SO the same way, though I have a Nook Color. I LOVE it! Lately I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to, but that's because blogging is taking up that time I usually spent reading (such as in bed at night), which means I'm as addicted to reading blogs as I am to reading books, just like you :) There are times I'll be up literally all night reading a book (which I refrain from doing during the week - only weekends when I don't have to get up in the morning). Being a teacher, when I'm off in the summer I'm especially known for staying up all night reading. I'd be interested in hearing what you read. I'm in need of a good new book. I'm not into romance or mystery, and those are the two genres that are published the most. The last book I read was Water for Elephants, which was awesome, and I finished the 'The Girl Who...' trilogy. Any new suggestions?

  2. 24 lbs in 14 weeks is wonderful!