Friday, April 1, 2011

Say Cheese

If you look at my profile, it says that I am a tea shop owner. This has been my career for only the last year. My DH and I also own a cheese, beer, wine, salami, snack, cracker, (you get the idea) store. We worked together for the 8 years prior to opening the tea shop.

When we moved to the town we currently live in, I weighed 60 pounds less than I do now. Have I told you how much I LOVE cheese? Well, I do, lots. We put cheese in, on, or around everything. When we get invited to parties, asking what we can bring always gets "cheese" as the answer. We have over 100 kinds of cheese and not your basic kinds. We have smoked blues, carmelized onion Cheddars, Wasabi cheese, ones that finish like butterscotch, ones with fruit in them, ones from France, Holland, England, Australia, Germany and more. Now you can better understand the gaining of 60 pounds.

Now, working together with your husband, no matter how much you love him, being together 7x24 (or close to it) can get to be a little difficult and sometimes stressful. I found that I needed my own shop and when a spot opened, after discussion, we grabbed it and thus the birth of my tea shop, selling over 100 types/flavors of loose leaf tea. Somehow, I think that tea is going to be much better for the waistline! It is also nice to go home in the evening and ask "How was your day dear?" and not already know the answer.

We are trying to use less cheese in our meals and need to remind ourselves to use it as a flavor/texture enhancer and not as the main ingredient. There are some dishes I will miss having. Yes, I know I have said that nothing is off limits in my plan but there are some recipes that given the portion I could have for the calories just wouldn't be enough food for me.

So, if you hear me say cheese, it will be for photographs instead.

I hope you didn't find this post, from The Tortoise's Weigh, too cheesy!


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