Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exercise or Exorcise

I hate to admit it but I really don't like to exercise. My DH is always saying let's go for a bike ride (oh that seat hurts) or let's go on a hike (there may be bugs or snakes). If you saw my reaction, you would think that he was performing an exorcism, attempting to pull the evil exercise spirit out of me. Just kidding..., kinda.

I know that I need to move more (hey I did move furniture all around that one day). I know I am really really out of shape - I did 5 sit-ups last night (yes I said 5), I saw a video of with a big ball passed from hands to knees, down, back up and get the ball back to your hands again from a laying down position and thought that it looked like something I could do. IT HURT TO LAUGH ALL DAY TODAY! Okay, I can't believe that I just wrote that.

I do love to walk. One problem though, last year I wore Crocs all the time and have almost ruined my feet. I now have Plantar Fasciitis and it is painful. I am telling you now, if you wear Crocs, only wear them occasionally, as in for slippers around the house. The doctor and the shoe store owner told me that they are seeing many people with problem feet because of Crocs.

I have started lifting some 5 pound weights when I am watching television. Now that the snow is almost completely melted, I may start walking some. Oh oh, I think I just heard a new mini goal. Starting on Sunday, I will walk at least 15 minutes 3 days a week. I will replace the battery in my pedometer and start tracking my steps and start setting some goals around my number of steps. I will continue working my arms with light weights and research some exercises around that and will do those nasty sit-ups 3 times a week, building up the number that I perform (keeping at 5 for now).

It is in writing now so it will be so.

Stay tuned for updates from The Tortoise's Weigh.


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