Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MIM #10 - Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

For this post, I wanted to let you know one of my "go to" easy summer dinners.  It is light, refreshing and perfect for those warm evenings.  It is not a recipe per se and is really delicious.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap - serves 4
When you go to the grocery store, buy some pre-cooked boneless skinless chicken strips (unless you want to grill your own), some flour tortillas (or flavored if you want) and one of those Light Caesar Salad bags (with everything in it). 
Make the salad according to directions, croutons and all.
Slightly warm the tortillas for easy rolling (we use the microwave for about 10 seconds).
Place some of the cooked chicken in a line towards the center of the tortilla, place about 1/4th of the salad on top of the chicken. 
Fold opposite parts of the tortilla over the ingredients and then roll up (this keeps all the ingredients from falling out the bottom or top of the wrap).
We serve these with some baked sweet potato fries.
So yummy!  Including the sweet potato fries, mine came in right around 490 calories.

I hope you enjoy these.  They are great for those days where dinner is running behind and you just don't know what to make. 

Sorry I am a day late on posting this, the day got away from me yesterday.

Thanks for checking in to The Tortoise's Weigh!


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