Thursday, May 5, 2011


I can't stop thinking about my off-week last week. My analytical mind continues to measure where I would have been had I not had that off-week. The perfectionist in me continues to beat myself up.
How many of us do this? How often do we say, "I just can't do this", or, "I failed, I might as well give up".
This way of thinking has to stop for me and it has to stop now! I have to look at the fact that if I have more on-weeks than off-weeks, I am doing 100% better than I was. My plan has to be a guideline, it can't be the all or nothing plan.
I have never expected perfection in others, why do I expect it in myself? I realize that for the previous 2 years, I was not watching my portion sizes at all and some of my food choices were not the best. I kept giving myself the excuse that I had quit smoking and it was okay to eat whatever I wanted. I gained 40 pounds in that 2 years and basically had 104 off-weeks. So, in the big picture, is one off week going to define who I am, how I am doing and the progress I am making? NO, it is not! One off-week out of 15 is still a way better percentage than 104 out of 104 off-weeks
So, as of right now, I am letting that week go. It is in the past, and maybe, it is what I actually needed to prove to myself that it is okay to have an off-week now and then. Again, I have to look at the big picture. It took 15 years to gain my 100 pounds. If I let those 100 pounds go in 1 or 2 years, still live life with all of it's ups and downs, and make healthier choices along the way, I will be doing well!
How many of you have that perfectionist thought process? How do you get beyond it?

P.S. Here is a great motivational thought...If you lose an ounce of weight every 2 days, you will drop almost 11.5 pounds a year. So, instead of hoping for those pounds to drop, just a few ounces a week will add up!

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  1. Great perspective. I've done the same wanting to throw everything away for one off-week, day, or even meal. And ending up with years of off-weeks!