Saturday, May 14, 2011

WID - Weigh In Day

Well drat!  I didn't lose any weight this week.  I stuck to my daily calorie allotment, I even went for a few walks, and I worked hard on deep cleaning the house.  So, I am still down 27 pounds in 16 weeks.  Still slightly ahead of the 1.5 pounds per week I was hoping/planning for.
I was told once that when you don't drop any pounds, your body is dropping inches.  I really hope that's the case, at least that is what I am choosing to believe!

Tonight I was a little frustrated, it's rainy and cold, I had a stressful day at work and after I ate my dinner I found I was still hungry.  Instead of finding something else to eat, I got on the computer, read a few blogs and felt better.  I just want to say "Thank you" to all of you for continuing to motivate me when I needed it the most!

Have a great rest of the weekend from The Tortoise's Weigh!


  1. Hi! Just 'found you' from the Healthy Challenge. :)

    sometimes, we can be doing all the right things, and don't lose because our body is catching up. If another week passes with zero loss, might want to consider shaking up your daily calories, going 200 up and 200 down on various days. But right now, just trust the process, and give your chance a body to catch up. :)