Monday, March 7, 2011

I made it through

Yesterday was a long day. I had a few more arguments with myself surrounding getting back on track. I ventured into town to get a few things done at work and it took longer than I thought it would. I got hungry, really hungry. The type of hunger that makes you want to just start grabbing whatever food is around. Oh, did I tell you my DH and I own a cheese shop. Over a hundred types of delicious, imported, high fat/high calorie cheese. We also have quite an array of delicious salami's and some imported snack foods. Needless to say, it was quite tempting to indulge in the food around me. MeB4 kept saying "You blew it yesterday and is this really worth it? You had an increase of 1.5 pounds even though you consumed less than you used to. Why not just go back to how you were eating before. Let's go out for a big lunch or have some cheese/salami/chips/crackers." MeNow won again and I ended up having a healthy sandwich from Subway.
I kept thinking that I hadn't done THAT bad at the dinner party. I was watching my portion controls (or so I thought). I entered everything I had consumed at that dinner into the nutrition chart on Sparkpeople. It ended up being around 1800 calories. 1800 CALORIES! IN ONE MEAL! That is more than what I am trying to consume in one day. I also can just imagine how much sodium I had and it was late. No wonder the scale showed that increase. Well, this morning, the scale showed that I am back to where I was before that fateful dinner. I am glad I got back on track. I have found that I can have a splurge and not give up the plan entirely. In fact, I have now planned my next splurge for an upcoming mini-vacation in April.
Thanks for checking in and remember, if I can get back on track, so can you!
Slow and steady wins the race at The Tortoise's Weigh.


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