Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Impetus

You might be asking what the driving force was to get started on letting go of 100 pounds.

Here goes...
I am attending a convention in Las Vegas in June.
I will be flying to Las Vegas.

The last time I flew, I had to use a seatbelt extender. It was a horrible feeling for me. I felt very embarrassed. I couldn't even bring myself to ask for the extender. I am blessed to have a husband who saw my consternation, understood, and got the extenders for me. On one of the legs to our destination (there were 4 in total for the whole trip, 2 going and 2 coming back), I was able to get the regular seatbelt buckled but I could only take shallow breaths the entire way. I don't even want to think how that looked. LOL!
The weight I want to let go of before the trip is just one of the mini-goals that I have set. I am not going to let this trip be the final destination in my weight journey.

As William Shakespeare said, "To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first", and as always, the motto I am using, "Slow and steady wins the race". Thanks for visiting The Tortoise's Weigh!
(Picture by Michelle Henry)

P.S. No offense to Sumo wrestlers who follow a special diet for strength and weight.


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