Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Saturday - WID

Saturday is here again and it is WID (Weigh In Day).

I survived last night at the Mexican restaurant. There were four of us and luckily, all of us are trying to watch what we eat.

The restaurant we went to does not have free tortilla chips which made it really easy not to eat any. The server came over and I asked her what would be a lower calorie option. She pointed to the salads - not what I wanted. There are too many restaurants that I have gone to, when being on various diets, that all I can remember having is salad. Again, I love salad but not every time I go out!

This restaurant has the BEST mole sauce ever!!! I couldn't pass it up. I asked the server about having just one a la carte mole enchilada and she stated that she could do the lunch menu bargain bite of one mole enchilada with a little of their saffron rice. Perfect!

We all split an order of the appetizer green beans. Yes, green beans, they are amazing. I think they are just steamed in some great broth, have lime juice squeezed all over them with a little bit of seasoned salt. Really good. I ate the majority of the chicken mole enchilada and half of the rice. We were celebrating our friend being in town and a birthday so the four of us split the flan for dessert. I only had a few bites and that was enough. I did drink about 5 glasses of water so I really felt full.

Okay, back to WID - even after the splurge last Saturday, even going out last night, even having homemade veggie pizza 3 times during the week, I lost 2.5 pounds - that is 12.5 lbs in 7 weeks now. Amazing. I'm kinda liking this slow and steady pace. Again, I am NOT feeling the least bit deprived.

We did make tabbouleh one night with some grilled chicken. I will post the recipe on Monday (which I am going to call Menu Monday).

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