Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Saturday - WID

I can't believe another week has gone by already, my how time flies. Let me get right to WID (Weigh In Day). Can you tell I am excited by the news? Well, I let go of 2.5 lbs., bringing me to 15 pounds gone in 8 weeks (not lost, just gone). Woohoo!

I had a huge work project this week which I was both excited about as well as dreading. I told you in a previous post that my DH and I own a cheese shop, which is in a tourist town. After working together for 8 years, building the business and a great staff, I needed something different. So, with a lot of research and a 20 page written business plan, I opened a tea shop almost 1 year ago. I have had a lot of requests for a website/listing of all the loose leaf teas I carry (now over 100), so I did it, I built a website this last week. It is very basic, it isn't pretty but, I think it will work for the immediate future.

You may be asking what the project has to do with WID. Well, I did find that I lost track of time. I wasn't thinking about food as much. I think I skipped a few snacks here and there. I am an emotional eater, eating when I am happy or sad but even more so when I am angry, anxious, or bored. Hmmmm, maybe I should give myself more projects, like cleaning out my closets (which will be a big one - I have trouble getting rid of stuff). Doesn't that sound like fun? NOT!

I will be posting the recipe for Tabbouleh on Monday. Have a good rest of the weekend.
See you Monday at The Tortoise's Weigh.


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